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Your Voice is Essential

Help us connect this amazing community


Growing and developing the perinatal mental health VCS community is at the centre of The Hearts and Minds Partnership. One of our three main objectives is to develop trusted spaces to enable VCS organisations to share and learn from each other, enabling a collective voice for the grassroots PMH sector.

We have been thrilled by the appetite across the sector for opportunities to share and collaborate and we hope to continue to develop how we facilitate these over the coming months and years.

Let us know your thoughts

The voice of the VCS sector in perinatal mental health is so important. Help us to understand perceptions of the work we’re doing so we can support and connect this amazing community in the best possible way. If you’re a grassroots PMH organisation, please could we ask that you take just a couple of minutes to complete this short survey, by 5pm on Monday November 8th 2021.

Your support is really appreciated - thank you! We will ensure that we keep you updated about how this feedback is incorporated into our work.

If you have any questions or further thoughts, please get in touch with us at:


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