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VCSE Community

The Hearts and Minds Partnership is passionate about connecting, supporting and celebrating the VCSE community in perinatal mental health. Our core work streams focus on: 

  • The ongoing development of a digital map of England-wide VCSE services 

  • The creation of trusted spaces to share learning, celebrate successes, talk about the challenging stuff and bring our community together 

  • The delivery of our online training, Smart Space, to support emerging and established VCSEs as they navigate sustainability and growth 

A photo collage featuring somebody holding a pin badge which reads, 'volunteer', a line of people arm in arm and a baby looking over his mum's shoulder

Throughout all aspects of our work, we aim to empower the development of a more inclusive, accessible and equitable approach to VCSE support. 

We'd love for you to join us!

If you’d like to be featured on the map of quality VCSE services, then take a look at the self-assessment checklist.

Find out all of our latest news and get invitations to our events. This is a quick and easy way of joining our community and benefiting from the warmth & wisdom of so many incredible VCSE leaders!

If you’re part of the VCSE perinatal mental health community and are inspired by continuous learning and sharing ideas, then check out our Spirit of the Partnership statement.

Smart Space - our online training platform in starting, growing and leading a perinatal mental health service in the VCSE sector. Includes an extensive 'Living Library' of resources


Join our trusted spaces - both online and in-person. Together we share learning, celebrate successes, talk about the challenging stuff and bring our community together.


Get up-to-date with what's going on in the perinatal mental health sector by checking out our blog - including a regular 'Community Corner' post featuring some amazing organisations.

What does it mean to be part of Hearts &  Minds?

We’re not a membership organisation – we’re a community, made up of beautiful VCSEs of all shapes and sizes providing perinatal mental health services rooted in local communities.  

While joining the map is one way to engage, you don’t have to be on the map to be part of Hearts and Minds. You’re most welcome to join our trusted spaces, attend events and enrol on our free Smart Space online training simply by virtue of being a VCSE service in perinatal mental health. 

What are the benefits of engaging with us?
Two men smiling, holding coffee cups and having a pleasant chat

Be part of a thriving peer network of VCSE services in perinatal mental health, with the opportunity to meet colleagues in the sector and build valuable relationships. Not only does this combat the loneliness that sometimes comes with running a service, but it also gives a more coherent voice for our sector. 

Two women in a conference room, talking with papers on their laps

Benefit from the support of a passionate, skilled community, all at different stages of growth. Join our trusted spaces (including our regular Conversation Space) to share learning and chat through the key issues affecting our sector. You can also support your own and your organisation’s development by enrolling on our online training, Smart Space. You can hear from peers in our community, who explore key topics about the reality of growing and sustaining a service via digestible video modules. 

A group of smiling adults raising their arms and joining their palms in the air

Hearts and Minds is here to share the wonderful work that is going on in the grassroots VCSE community in perinatal mental health. We’re keen to leverage the powerful collective voice of our sector and help to influence strategic decisions. We’re passionate about recognising the value of the VCSE community as a fundamental aspect of an integrated perinatal mental health pathway. 

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