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We are passionate about creating trusted spaces for grassroots organisations in the perinatal mental health sector to come together, share learning, make new contacts and talk about the challenges we are facing.

See below for the kinds of events you can expect from the Hearts & Minds Partnership, and to discover our current offer check out our Eventbrite page.

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Conversation Space logo
A hot drink next to a laptop showing an online meeting between four smiling people

Conversation Spaces are our monthly online meet-ups for those within our community, as well as anybody else with a stakehold in the perinatal mental health sector. 

The sessions are FREE and give us the chance to not only learn from and inspire each other, but also forge and develop a collective voice. 

Every month we chat about a different topic, shining a spotlight on what matters to you right here, right now in our amazing sector.


Conversation Space will give you a chance to breathe deep and be - creating space and light around some challenging parts of our journey as well as celebrating the highlights.

Previous topics have included:


(focusing on multiplicity of job roles and responsibilities)



(utilising lived experience while being mindful of boundaries)



(navigating the challenges of the growth curve)


(revisiting the ways in which we tell the impact story)

"It was so good to connect with like-minded people and hear about everyone's experiences within their own organisations."

To find out more about Conversation Space:

Listening Lounge logo
Four figures inside white circles, listening to each other and helping each other out

As part of our commitment to empower the development of a more inclusive, accessible and equitable approach to VCSE support in perinatal mental health, we are developing a series of events called 'Listening Lounge'.

These will be online spaces to hear from seldom heard voices, to give their perspective and invite meaningful conversations. We will integrate creative expression within engagement, such as poetry and music, to bring authenticity and depth to the means of communication.


A series of workshops may be developed across specific themes to explore learning from the Listening Lounge and disseminate into the services within the Hearts & Minds community.

To find out more about Listening Lounge:

A white paper goodie bag with the Hearts and Minds logo sitting on top of a table along with some empty glasses, pens, sweets and paper. People chatting in the background

Face-to-Face Events

We love nothing better than getting together in real life, to connect, support and celebrate each other!

Our last national meet-up, held in Birmingham in January 2023, was a great success with over 75 people from the sector attending from grassroots, clinical and academic backgrounds.

We hope to organise further face-to-face events as part of our new phase of work and can't wait to see you there!

Be among the first to know about our face-to-face events:

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