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Parent Stories

Becoming a new parent can be a difficult time of transition. Many new parents feel overwhelmed and disoriented. No matter how you are feeling you are not alone, local support can be found through our interactive map.

Here, you will find videos of parents sharing their stories of perinatal mental health challenges, as well as other useful video resources . . .

A photo collage featuring a dad holding his baby, a woman caressing her pregnant belly and a woman smiling with her hands spread out as if she's chatting happily
Therapy Sessions

The Perinatal Positivity film uses the real voices and experiences of women and men who have had mental wellbeing difficulties around the time of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

A film from the Wellcome Trust about one new dad's experience of navigating ill mental health and how he sought support from local services.

Midwife Gemma describes her experience of depression through pregnancy and early parenthood, as well as the hope that lies beyond. Part of a series of interviews by ForMed Films.

A video from Acacia Family Support featuring the real, lived experiences of Young Parents and their perinatal mental health challenges.

One woman's honest and heartfelt account of pre and postnatal mental health struggles and how she found support in group therapy sessions from Acacia Family Support.

New mum, Rebecca talks about feeling low and emotional after her baby was born and the ways in which she moved towards recovery. A film by Best Beginnings.

A short, animated, awareness-raising film for dads and the perinatal mental health struggles they might be facing. A partnership with Acacia Family Support and ForMed Films.

Resources from the
Hearts & Minds Video Library

We hear from parents about their reasons for reaching out and getting perinatal mental health support from their local grassroots organisation.

Parents tell us first hand about the impact grassroots perinatal mental health support has had on their lives.

Parents share their lived experience of the wellbeing support they received from their local perinatal mental health grassroots VCSE service.

Parents who have received perinatal mental health support from local VCSE organisations tell us how they knew the support they got was right for them and how it helped them at their time of need.

Crisis Advice

Please note that we are not a crisis service so if you feel like you need urgent help, then get in contact with organisations who can support you right now. 

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